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Warwick Beech

Our creative customers

We believe that Siemens have just opened a whole new world of exciting opportunities for you with their recent introductions. With the 7XV5673 SICAM I/O unit now offering GOOSE capability, we have another powerful solution, especially where customers need to cost effectively expand I/O capability beyond the standard relay I/O count. Last month we mentioned the 7SJ80 Compact Feeder Protection Relay, which allows GOOSE connection between devices (including I/O boxes) while continuing to connect to SCADA with DNP-IP!

Given that NZ utilities are typically creative and early adopters of technology, we expect we will soon see some interesting uses of the 7XV5673, especially when coupled with the DNP/IEC 61850 capability of the 7SJ80 series.


Siemens Primary MV equipment offered by HV Power

We are in the process of a 2,500 km NZ road trip to give engineers, field and technical support at our major utilities the opportunity to see firsthand a Siemens Ring Main Unit and a Siemens Recloser. The specially constructed units give a rare opportunity to see what is going on inside!

Our schedule is outlined below.

  • 3-7 Sept. Tauranga to Gisborne, Hastings then to Wellington via Levin
  • 10-14 Sept. Marlborough, Nelson and to Christchurch via the West Coast
  • 17-21 Sept. Ashburton to Invercargill
  • 24-28 Sept. Palmerston North to Waikato to Auckland.
Please contact Warwick Beech (warwickb@hvpower.co.nz , Ph 04 3877 339) for specific dates and further details.


      New firmware for REG-D/DA & new WinREG setting software

In preparing to support you, HV Power are currently testing the new capabilities that the folk at A.Eberle are about to deliver, and we have seen some very useful features. The firmware 2.22 (for REG-D & REG-DA) has new functionality that backs up settings to the non volatile RAM. It’s a simple and effective solution to the current issue where settings are held in battery back RAM and need to be reloaded if power is removed from a unit with a dead battery.

To enable the new RAM backup, Bootloader 2.12 and WinREG 3.9 are required. These enable a copy of the setting file to be loaded to non-volatile RAM, which will then be loaded to the device upon repowering the relay, or restored upon request.

Other new features include:

  • Addition to Panel View, showing Transformer Monitoring Module graphic
  • The status of Remote I/O boxes can be displayed as part of REG-D/DA front panel Panel View
  • Remote I/O mapping is shown in WinREG (You can use WinREG Services to set these up, rather than H-Code or terminal)
  • Setpoint values will also be shown as Primary Values
  • Tap limit control now a WinREG setting – simplify your H-Code
  • Ability to convert setting files to/from REG-D to REG-DA
REG-D Remote I/O Panel View


TMM Panel View

A number of these new features offer simplified setup, replacing what has been accomplished with H-Code. Contact us to discuss your application, and see how these new features could simplify your setups.

Contact John Parker for more information (johnp@hvpower.co.nz ,Ph 09 304 1682)


      New Tekron Configuration Tool for TCG 01-E & TTM 01-E    

Tekron announce the release of Version 3.0.3 of their software to support their GPS clocks with Ethernet remote engineering interfaces (i.e, TCG 01-E, TCG 02-E & TTM 01-E clocks).

Tekon Ethernet Config Tool V3.03

Features and improvements include:

  • Improved stability and reliability for Windows
  • Backwards compatible with older ‘E’ version clocks
  • Reduced initial Ethernet traffic originated from the configuration tool
  • Discovery Window – Extra features have been added such as add, load configuration, remove and save
  • Time Tab - Sync holdover time is now specified in minutes
  • Network Tab - The security section has been modified to be more intuitive and user friendly
  • GPS Tab - "Save Satellite Visibility" button added to allow the user to save the Satellite Visibility image as a Windows BMP file. In addition a "Record GPS" button was introduced to allow users to record the GPS visibility and signal levels over a specified time interval. This data can then be printed using a commissioning report tool.

This new software (in a 3MB zip file) can be downloaded via this link

Note that “Time Code Generator (TCG) Configuration Tool” version 4.33 remains the correct tool to use with older Serial connected clocks (TCG 01 etc).


      I/O unit now with GOOSE / IEC 61850 support!    
Siemens SICAN I/O unit with GOOSE

The Siemens SICAM 7XV5673 is an I/O unit that can be used for:

  • Binary I/O expansion
  • Transferring binary signals – binary I/O mirror
  • Contact multiplication

The SICAM I/O unit is ideal for substation automation applications. The one unit features a 24-220 Vdc operating range, allowing it to be used on 24, 48, 110 and 220 V systems! This I/O unit features 6 binary inputs (with selectable 19, 88 or 176 Vdc threshold) and 6 binary outputs (rated 250 V 5 A ac/dc).

GOOSE messaging is now supported for Binary I/O expansion applications (in addition to MODBUS TCP). This allows GOOSE messages from an IED to be output to a 7XV5673 to operate relay contacts, or binary inputs to the 7XV5673 to be sent as GOOSE messages to the IED and/or other devices. Thus the 7XV5673 can be used as remote (or local) I/O expansion for IED’s with an IEC 61850 interface.

Siemens I/O unit with GOOSE

For I/O binary mirror applications two (or more) 7XV5673 units can be connected together via electrical RS-485, fibre optic RS-485 or Ethernet to allow transfer of I/O across small or large distances. The different communication media makes this a truly versatile product, where “mirroring” can occur from one-to-many if desired – without need for additional comms servers etc.

Another application for the I/O unit is as a contact multiplier, where one input can be transmitted to different locations using multiple I/O units, or one input can be output to two or more output contacts. This latter capability is a useful solution for applications where different voltage levels need to be switched or isolation maintained between systems, such as transmitting a binary status to both 24 V and 110 V I/O equipment.

The options and applications for the 7XV5673 unit are virtually unlimited!

Download 7XV5673 Data Sheet, or contact us to discuss your application.

In last month’s newsletter we mentioned 7SJ80 Feeder Protection Relay with DNP and IEC 61850 support. This relay is a perfect example where the 7XV5673 could be used as a local or remote GOOSE connected I/O expansion to the Feeder Protection Relay – while preserving DNP-iP protocol to SCADA.


      Make RS-485 Daisy Chain Connections as SIMPLE as 1-2-3!    

Do you have RS-485 daisy chains between devices for Remote Engineering Management, or SCADA connectivity. Do your technicians have trouble finding a suitable DB-9 connector to terminate two sets of cables? Do you desire a solution that also simplifies future expansion, and provides easy visual identification of correct use of termination resistance?

Here is a simple solution for when you need a RS-485 daisy chain connection between IED’s. The trickiest part to this is now remembering the Siemens part number!

7XV5103-2BA00 ("Y-adapter cable for connection of a SIPROTEC 4 or other device with a 9-pin SUB-D connection to a RS-485 bus with patch cables (RJ45)")


7XV5103-5BA00 ("Bus Terminating connector 120 ohm, in a RJ45 connector")

Siemens RJ45 connectors simplify RS-485 daisy chains

It is as simple as 1-2-3:
1) The DB-9 end of of the Y-adapter cable plugs into the DB-9 of your IED.
2) The other end provides two RJ45 connectors. Simply use Cat 5/6 Shielded twisted pair patch cables to connect between the IED’s.
3) At the end of daisy chain, plug in the Bus Termination resistor 7XV5103-5BA00.

Now all your RS-485 daisy chains can be built without difficulty, using off the shelf components. Future expansion is easy, simply remove the Bus Termination resistor, add the new device(s) to the end of the chain and then relocate the Bus Termination resistor to the end of the line.


      YouTube Junkies    
Siemens videos on youtube

If you are ever struggling to find a good DVD for the family to watch, Siemens have put selected SIPROTEC Compact Feeder Protection videos on YouTube. Our in-house guru has reviewed them and given them “two thumbs up” (i.e. they are accurate and are reasonably watchable).
Design and Install:
Feeder Protection with the 7SJ80:
Motor Protection with the 7SK80:


      New 7UT Transformer Differential Protection Relay Documentation    
WinConfig 9.8 released

The 7UT manual (7UT6x Manual) has been updated to version A2 (6.2012). It can be downloaded here (15MB PDF)

Note that this manual details the full 7UT series of product (7UT612, 7UT613, 7UT622 & 7UT635) with respect to Firmware version 4.6.

We would recommend use of this new manual in place of the following specific 7UT documentation which was written for Firmware version 4.0

  • 7UT6 V4.0 Manual 7UT613 7UT633 7UT635 (V 4.0 C53000-G1176-C160-1)
  • 7UT612 Manual (V4.0 C53000-G1176-C148-1)

If in doubt, the Preface section of SIPROTEC manuals details which version of relay and firmware the manual is written to support.


      DIGSI 4.86    
DIGSI 4.86 released

DIGSI 4.86 has now been released, and HV Power is obtaining DVD copies, which will be sent out soon to all registered users.

The main enhancements with Version 4.86 are:

  • Support for IEC 61850 Edition 2
  • Support for PRP and HSR Redundancy Protocols
  • Corrections to IP addressing issues in IEC 61850 System Configuration

For release information click here

For further information see the SIPROTEC web site [hint: change the “Downloads” selection from “Downloads” (or “Documents”) to “Software and Firmware”]

DIGSI 4.86 supports Windows 7 (refer to release documentation for specific details).

      PQ-Box 100 & WinPQ mobil update (V1.7.01)    
New WinPQ mobil V1.7.01 released

The popular PQ-Box 100 Power Quality Analyser has just been updated again with new firmware and software. As part of our ongoing commitment to this unit, advice on the upgrade has been emailed directly to all our registered users. Highlights of the update include:

  • Programmed start/stop time – preset the PQ-Box 100 to automatically start/stop recording at user defined date/time
  • Details Tab reports max/min/mean values of the currently displayed graph – allows you to quickly gather the information commonly required
  • COMTRADE & XML file output option

Click on the subscription link at the bottom of this email to update your subscription preferences – by joining our PQ-Box 100 newsletter list now, you will receive the above mentioned list of new features.

      Training this month    
New TMM technical note on Smart Fan Control

Don’t forget this month HV Power is offering the following training courses:

Siemens Protection Design (Auckland, 14 September 2012)

Provides an overview of Siemens range of IED’s from a design point of view, covering which device to use where. This course is suitable for engineers new to “protection”. Common utility overcurrent, line diff, distance and transformer protection applications are covered. (Maximum 6 participants).

SIPROTEC 7SD610 Testing and Commissioning (Auckland, 27 September 2012) - Now Booked Out.


For the rest of 2012 we have scheduled:

  • 5th October 2012 REG-D/DA Introduction
  • 26th October 2012 DIGSI 4 Advanced
  • 23rd November 2012 REG-D/DA Design Workshop

For further details and course costs please contact Vladimir Brijacek:
   Phone 09 304 1685, Email vladimirb@hvpowerautomation.com


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