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  MORE than a supplier     HV Power Customer Newsletter November 2019    
        New Auckland location and holiday hours    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


A common theme of this newsletter is cybersecurity – often talked about, but not commonly comprehensively implemented. Therefore next month our staff will be taking a day from their normal tasks to hear from internationally recognised ‘cybersecurity evangelist’ Jeff Foley on this and the OT vs IT paradigms, so we can bring you relevent information.


Warwick Beech


Photo - Mike Strong


The builders have delayed our relocation/consolidation plans for a week, but we are still on the countdown. Such is the confidence in our switchgear range and future products, we have also taken steps to secure the lease for the building next door! While this initially will be sub-leased, it secures our ability to further expand our production and storage footprint to meet growing customer demand. On the subject of relocations, our Voltage Regulator support engineer Mohit (Phadnis) has moved to Australia. He is still a much-valued HV Power employee, but is now situated closer to our growing Australian voltage regulation business. Mohit will still be supporting New Zealand customers via phone, video conference and email.


Mike Strong


Holiday hours

Our move to new premises has been delayed slightly as the builders have taken longer than expected. We expect to be in our new premises by the second week of December.
Our location will be:
   Unit K
   3 Gloucester Park Road
Our phone, fax and postal address remain unchanged.

We're moving to these much larger premises to support our rapidly growing business. Gloucester Industrial Park provides a single site for HV Power's Auckland operation, with significantly expanded warehousing and factory space for switchgear. We welcome you dropping by in the New Year to see our new facility.

For your project planning and forward ordering, please note that HV Power’s offices will close on the morning of Thursday 19 December 2019 and will reopen on Monday 6 January 2020.

We will be monitoring our main office phone for messages during the Christmas period, so if you need urgent support this will be the best way to get in touch with us (that is, phone '0800 HV CALL' [0800 48 22 55])


      RUGGEDCOM, your cybersecure partner    
RUGGEDCOM network switches

HV Power is pleased to be hosting Jeff Foley of Siemens (USA) for a day in December. Jeff will be training our staff on the new offerings of the RUGGEDCOM RX1500 + APE1808 and the Siemens Cybersecurity consultation services. Jeff has been active in the area of cybersecurity working in collaboration with projects such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) “National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)”.

NCCoE partnered with Siemens, along with other technology vendors, to collect information using commercially available, open-source products. Siemens RUGGEDCOM contributed to the NCCoE practice guide by helping implement secure infrastructure and communication networks using RX1500, RX1400 and Crossbow solutions.

Jeff commonly speaks on the topics of OT vs IT, and adopting cybersecurity in a manner that does not hinder operations.


      SIPROTEC 5 Deadband    

HV Power have released Quick Note #23, which provides detailed information on the behaviour of IEC 61850 MMS and DNP deadbands. For those interested in the detail, the note highlights what is not obvious to those using DNP protocols - that ‘IEC’ MMS settings also have an effect.

DIGSI 5 Quick Note 23
DIGSI 5 Quick Note 23.

The note also gives worked examples of Siemens’ unique ‘accumulated sum method’ of deadband, to help show how this works, and how it allows slow-moving changes (even within the deadband) to be monitored (without large increases in data rates).

See the ‘Protection Relay” section of our web site Technical Library for ‘DIGSI 5 Quick Note 0023’.


      WinPQ mobil for PQ-Box 50/100/150/200/300 Power Quality Analysers    

WinPQ mobil version is released, which is predominately bug fixes and support for the PQ-Box 50 (available in first quarter of next year).

PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyzer PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyzer App
PQ-Box 50 and App.

An improvement in version is (for PQ-Boxes running the latest firmware) is the improved data download speeds – which will be of interest to those who create large data files. Speed improvements occur for USB, LAN and Wi-Fi downloads.

Download software and more information from here.


      WinPQ (Enterprise), WinPQ lite/WinPQ smart    

WinPQ software for fixed installed PQ measuring devices is now released in the version 5. This is to support ‘PQI-DA smart’ field devices with the new 2.x firmware that allows device communications to be encrypted.

With many customers taking advantage of the cost effectiveness of the PQI-DA smart field devices, we see more data being transported back via (public) telecommunication networks (often using 3G/4G modems). The capability to encrypt the data and implement role-based authentication at the field device provides peace-of-mind in such circumstances.

With version 5, ‘WinPQ smart’ software, is now renamed ‘WinPQ lite’. Support for the new PQI-DE is included. The PQI-DE can be thought of as a PQI-DA smart, but with a larger industrial display. The PQI-DE has 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and will support a 5th current channel such as for earth-leakage measurement and separate PT100 temperature measurement input.

PQI-DE Power Quality Analyser
PQI-DE PQ Analyser and Fault Recorder.

PQI-DA smart firmware 2.1 is soon due for release. Please note that early generation PQI-DA smart devices may not be able to support this new firmware.

Download software and more information from here


      Switchgear manuals and videos    

We have updated the Switchgear page of our website Technical Library, adding some commonly requested manuals. We have also linked a few interesting videos.


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