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Photo - Warwick Beech


Putting into practice

We are using our project planning expertise internally with three mission-critical events next month. First is the EEA tradeshow, where we are committed to being at Sky City at the opening session with our stand ready to show off some exciting new products and several popular existing products.

The second event is having a selection of larger ring main units and switchgear ready-on-display at our Auckland Shaddock Street facility for visitors to inspect while in Auckland for EEA. See the first newsletter item for more details our on 'open home'.

Finally, the week of EEA is mission critical for us to complete our move out of Shaddock Street to new larger premises. We will be moving offices and production over this week, but as our new switchgear location is not quite so close to Sky City, we're leaving the ‘display’ switchgear to last.


Warwick Beech


Switchgear Division Open Home

If you are attending EEA in Auckland this June, we would love to see you at our Switchgear Divisions ‘Shaddock Street’ facility.

Located just 10 minutes’ drive from Sky City Convention Centre, we have prepared a wide cross-selection of switchgear examples for your inspection. This is a great opportunity to see different 8DJH and 8DJH-36 configurations.

Schedule a time with us and HV Power will pick you up from EEA, take you to our facility and have you back within an hour (if you like).

Please contact Sabrina to book a time for your visit. SabrinaB@hvpowerautomation.com or call her on 09 304 1659.

Our facility will be open for visitors:

  • Afternoon of Monday 24 June
  • Tuesday 25 June (8:00 am till 5:30 pm)
  • Wednesday 26 June (8:00 am till 5:30 pm)
  • Thursday 27 June (8:00 am till 12:00)

On display:

Siemens 8DJH RMU


  • Ring switch, transformer fused feeder, ring switch
  • Outdoor Class A enclosure
Siemens 8DJH


  • Ring switch, ring switch transformer, fused feeder
  • Indoor Class A, downwards venting unit
Siemens 8DJH-36

8DJH-36 (36 kV Ring Main)

  • LLLSSLL (L=CB, S= Bus Section)
  • Indoor
Siemens 8DJH Class B


  • Ring switch, 3 x circuit breakers
  • Automated
  • Outdoor Class B Bosecker enclosure
Siemens 8DJH


  • Circuit breaker, circuit breaker, transformer fused feeder, ring switch
  • Outdoor Class A enclosure – on concrete pad


Photos are representative only


      Improved Distance-to-Fault for Line Differential Relays    

As a reminder, Line Differential relays have distance-to-fault capabilities (assuming you have purchased the versions with optional VT inputs), where distance-to-fault can be displayed on the relay, or reported to SCADA – without the need to extract fault records and run files through SIGRA. This provides immediate information on fault location to operational staff.

July’s release of DIGSI/SIPROTEC 5 version 7.9 will add an option for improved ‘two ended’ fault location, called “FL plus”. For situations where there is back-feed from the remote-end into the fault, the new algorithm measures that remote-end fault-current, and communicates it to the main source end for that relay to account for it.

To further improve the accuracy of the result, the new feature also allows more line sections to be entered into the setup, allowing different cable/overhead sections to be more accurately modelled.

‘FL plus’ requires 45 function points to operate.

Fault Location is also available in SIPROTEC 5 Overcurrent relays.

Siemens Protection Relay
SIPROTEC 5 - with improved distance to fault.

Contact us now to find out more about the very popular and powerful SIPROTEC 5 series.


      PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyzer    

A.Eberle have released specifications on the new PQ-Box 50, which becomes available in August. The PQ-Box 50 is positioned to replace the PQ-Box 100 (which is now over 10 years old in design). The PQ-Box 50 offers similar measurements to the PQ-Box 100, but is more compact. However, the PQ-Box 50 does not have local display - but rather you can use WinPQ mobil software via USB, Wi-Fi, or via Wi-Fi and a new smart phone app! [Android and IOS to be supported]. The App allows for both setup and monitoring measurements of the PQ-Box 50.

Download PQ-Box 50 datasheet

PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyzer PQ-Box 50 Power Quality Analyzer App
PQ-Box 50 and App.

Contact us now to find out more about the very popular PQ-Box series covering all your PQ needs.


      New look 'PQI-DA smart' with new low power and Rogowski CT inputs    

The 'PQI-DA smart' has had a face lift, losing some its distinctive orange in favour of a cleaner white look.

Traditionally with support for 1 A and 5 A CT’s, new current inputs options have been addeding supporting:

  • C40 – Rogowski transducers (350 mVac)
  • C44 – Low power CT’s with 0.5 Vac outputs
  • C45 – Low power CT’s with 6 Vdc outputs

This makes the PQI-DA smart even more versatile, such as:

    • Allowing retrofit at sites using clip on Rogowskis, eliminating the site challenges of retrofitting traditional CTs around existing cables.
    • Supporting pole top monitoring of 11 kV lines, using Lindsey sensors (combined current/voltage sensors)


    PQI-DA smart   Linsey sensor
    'PQI-DA smart' PQ shown with line mounted 11 kV sensor.

    Contact us now to find out more.


Services Section Rechargeable battery types

With many rechargeable battery types now available in products, here is a quick summary of features (in order of price, low-to-high)

Lead Acid (SLA)

  • Best power-to-cost ratio
  • Heavy
  • Robust
  • Easy to charge
  • Not as long lasting as more modern technologies

Nickel metal hydride [Ni-MH]

  • Good for high power applications
  • Long lasting - especially in extreme temperatures

Lithium Ion [Li-ion]

  • Great power to weight
  • Lose less charge per month than Ni-MH
  • No memory loss
  • Hundreds of discharge/recharge cycles possible

The new SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0 and the Horstmann Pole Master, 4G remote communications device (for SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0 SWER units) use Lithium-Ion technology for long service life.


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