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        High Impedance Relay Setting Tool    

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Warwick Beech

EEA Tradeshow

We are gearing up for the EEA Conference Exhibition where we aim to show a range of new features and products from our suppliers Siemens, A.Eberle and Tekron. This will give you the ideal opportunity to interact with the products and their support software. While our focus will be on highlighting new capabilities, we will of course be happy to discuss any specific applications or questions you may have.

Our staff will be rostered at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland 18, 19, and 20 June where we hope to see you. Please give us a call in advance if you want to ensure meeting with a specific member of our team..



Siemens High Z setting tool

High impedance protection systems are used due to their simplicity and reliability. Siemens have taken this one step further, offering a simplified design/setting tool for (Bus) Differential Protection and Restricted Earth Fault (REF) Protection applications. This useful tool supports the new 7SR23 High Impedance Relay (and others), and can be downloaded here (10 MB). While determining the high impedance differential and REF protection settings for Siemens SPD relays (Reyrolle/Argus), the tool also recommends external stabilising resistors, setting resistors and metrosil values.

The 7SR23 relay incorporates the latest numerical protection technology, including supporting DNP and IEC 61850 protocols. There is the option of a DNP-only interface, or the IEC 61850 communication card which also supports DNP, allowing the 7SR23 to be installed at sites using DNP and also allowing IEC 61850 protocol to be implemented in the future without the need for hardware changes to the relay.

A logical upgrade to the DAD-N released in 2003, the 7SR23 is a further progression of the original B3-E launched in the 1950s. It offers a front panel USB interface (or rear RS-485) for connection to Reydisp software – where user programmable logic is supported. Siemens also offer the ‘High Impedance Component Box’, a convenient optional housing for external series stabilising resistors, metrosils and shunt resistors.

Download the flyer on the 7SR23, or the data sheet.


      Bender iso685-D Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD)    
Bender iso685-D

The iso685-D is for monitoring insulation on AC, AC/DC, and DC power supplies (IT systems) on 0-690 Vrms supplies (0-1,000 Vdc).

Available now, the new iso685 IMD platform is the successor to the popular IRDH series, offering:
  • High resolution display, providing setting, measuring data and graph displays
  • 10-year log of errors and alarm messages
  • Measurement on systems with up to 1,000 µF of leakage capacitance
  • Voltage and frequency measurement of connected system
  • Three digital inputs and two digital outputs
  • Special profiles for measurements on inverter systems

See the Bender iso685 web page.


      SIPROTEC 7SD610 Line Diff Relay Testing & Commissioning Training, 28 May 2014    
HV Power Training

Aimed at the Power Systems Technicians who are required to install, carry out function tests, and commission schemes using SIPROTEC 7SD610 Line Differential Protection Relays, this training course will give you valuable and practical knowledge to assist you in your endeavours. Suitable for technicians who have not yet had any practical experience with the 7SD610, the course can equally be attended by those wanting to enhance their skills. Some experience with DIGSI 4 is a prerequisite.

For further details on this Auckland training course, contact Nick Bowe (nickb@hvpower.co.nz, phone 09 377 2001).

Please see our website training page for other courses we offer.


      REG-D/DA Design Workshop, 12 June 2014    
HV Power Training

The design workshop is aimed at the Design Engineer who seeks to gain an understanding of how to integrate the REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator into their project, the design considerations necessary to develop a ‘standard’ design, and how to calculate the settings required.

The workshop covers the performance and physical connection requirements for REG-D/DA’s, the basics of transformer parallel operations, and temperature monitoring and control. Discussion on different topologies allows potential designers to understand and appreciate the appropriate designs for different applications. Critical for those wanting practical knowledge of effective and efficient transformer control designs, the course is suited to designers, graduates and engineers.

This course will be held in Auckland. Register your interest by 29 May with John Parker (johnp@hvpower.co.nz, phone 09 377 2001).


      Ex-stock items to make your working life easier    
Tekron BNC adapter

Tekron AM-IRIG-B Adapter

While many AM IRIG-B ports on GPS clocks and IED’s feature BNC connectors, it is not critical or convenient to use coaxial cables to convey time signals. The use of coax is mainly historic, yet the use of (shielded) twisted-pair cable in an installation is also completely acceptable. The Tekron CON-ADAP-BNC2PIN allows you to use twisted-pair cable in your installation while providing a simple means to terminate it to BNC fitted IED’s. We have this handy terminal adapter in stock.

Tekron have changed some of their part numbers. CON-ADAP-BNC2PIN is the new the part number for what was previously the ‘CNBNC2PIN’.

RMS 2RLMB S1 Safety Test Plug

RMS 2RMLB-S1 Multi finger ‘safety’ Relay Test Plug

This ‘safety’ Relay Test Plug is 100 % compatible with Reyrolle 2RMLG and Areva MMLG test blocks. The key feature of the test plug is the ‘finger safe’ test sockets which allow the use of shrouded 4 mm banana plugs, a much more convenient option for technicians using modern, safety shrouded test leads.

With the current exchange rate the way it is, we can offer the 2RMLB-S1 at the new lower price of NZ$420+GST and, being a stocked item at HV Power, they can be ordered for immediate delivery. Included with each 2RMLB are 3 x 75 mm length and 4 x 180 mm safety shrouded test leads.

These test plugs are a must-have for your technicians! Download the 2RMLB Multi-Finger Test Plug Technical Bulletin for further information.


HV Power Holiday Period

Siemens/Reyrolle 2RMLG-01 Test Block

HV Power typically holds stock of the Siemens SPD (Reyrolle) 2RMLG-01 Relay Test Block for immediate delivery. The 2RMLG-01 is New Zealand’s most popular configuration of relay test block. Enquire now for details.


Other stocked items include:

  • Batteries for REG-D/DA, SIPROTEC Relays, and other products we supply
  • Spare CT & VT Shorting Links and LED labels for SIPROTEC Relays
  • USB to RS-485 converters - a handy item for any technician


Services Section 1 PQ-Box 100 & 200 – Measuring superimposed DC voltages

The PQ-Box 100 (and 200) Power Quality Recorders are true RMS recording devices and therefore have the ability to measure and record the DC component of an AC+DC waveform.

The units can be used for ‘just’ DC voltage measurements (for example, where customers use the PQ-Box 100’s ‘0.1 % accuracy’ to very accurately set a 24 Vdc supply).

After logging data with the PQ-Box 100/200, WinPQ mobile software can be used to display over 360 different values, including ‘U eff’ (True RMS value of AC+DC component) and ‘DC Voltage’(the calculated DC component of the ‘U eff’ value). The ‘DC Voltage’ trace is derived from the calculated DC component of an AC +DC waveform and can be displayed in either volts units or as a percentage of the total RMS value.

Measuring DC offset with PQ-Box 100 and PQ-Box 200

Measuring DC offset with PQ-Box 100 & PQ-Box 200.


If you have an application when measuring DC components is of interest, we would be interested in setting up some field measurements. Perhaps you are interested in:

  • Quantifying the DC effects of inverter and pulse width modulated loads on the AC supply
  • Investigating corrosion risks due to resulting DC current on an LV system

A ‘DC Current’ value is also recorded by the PQ-Box 100, which is the current equivalent to that of voltage described above. ‘Hall-effect’ DC-measuring current clamps (200 mA to 60 A or 0.5 A to 600 A), or 2 A current shunts are available, which are suitable for measuring AC+DC. This means true RMS current and DC component measurements are possible. DC measurements are NOT possible when using the standard mini-clamps and Rogowski coils, as these are AC coupled.

For further information, please refer to the Power Quality section of our website Technical Library (PO Box 100 Hints and Tips #11).


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