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        RUGGEDCOM now available from HV Power    

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Photo - Warwick Beech


All things EEA

The focus this month has naturally been on EEA. This year HV Power took a double-sized stand to show off a selection of products. As we could only fit one ring main unit on the stand, we set up our nearby Shaddock Street facility with other switchgear examples. That provided customers with an opportunity for hands-on and close-up inspection on a range of equipment – which always beats reading several technical datasheet.

For those who stopped by our stand at EEA and/or took the trip to our RMU facility, thanks for the interest.

For those who could not make EEA, this month’s newsletter provides an overview of the main messages delivered at EEA.

As always, we're happy to discuss your specific needs at any time. Just get in touch!


Warwick Beech


RUGGEDCOM network switches

RUGGEDCOM is a well-known and trusted brand, and is now part of the Siemens industrial communication network portfolio. As a major New Zealand distributor of Siemens protection relay and switchgear, HV Power have decided the time is right to offer RUGGEDCOM products.

Our SIPROTEC protection relay customers want to get the most out of protocols like IEC 61850, goose messaging, PRP, HSR, SMV, process bus, etc. That can be best achieved by using RUGGEDCOM, which is now developed in close association with the needs of Siemens' protection group. We don’t want our customers implementing deeply technical solutions where support may be needed from multiple New Zealand vendors,so HV Power now offers one-stop solutions with end-to-end support (SIPROTEC Protection Relays – RUGGEDCOM network devices – Siemens PAS Power Automation System).



Our EEA display showed two Fusesaver installations mocked up on a pole:

  1. Fusesaver mounted on the line conductor
  2. Fusesaver mounted on cross arm stand-off insulator

Fusesaver documentation mostly shows the unit mounted hanging on the line conductor, so we thought it important to show the cross-arm mounted insulator solution for those customers where conductor size might not be sufficient for line mounting.

Siemens Fusesaver
Siemens Fusesaver conductor and cross-arm mounting methods.


      Kiwi Time Synchronisation    

Most of the IEDs purchased for substation use come from Europe or USA. So it is quite incredible that within New Zealand we have a world-leading designer and manufacturer of GPS clocks – truly worthy of our support. With power utilities' income being mostly derived from New Zealand businesses and households, I believe there should be a high priority given by these New Zealand-funded entities in supporting local manufacturing where possible. After all, a strong local high-tech manufacturing economy will be of benefit in providing skills into our industry.

Please take another look at Tekron clocks, and consider them for your standard substation design. Tekron have some great value and highly reliable solutions especially with the shift in purchasing patterns from ‘IRIG-B clocks with NTP capability’, to ‘NTP clocks with IRIG-B capability’. Of course Tekron clocks all come with a 10-year warranty as standard.

Tekron GPS clocks
Tekron NTS 03-G GPS clock.


      Horstmann Fault Passage Indicators    

The star of our display was the red and green flashing directional SMART NAVIGATOR 2.0 SWER Fault Passage Indicator. These units are powered by long-life lithium batteries, and will operate for approximately 10-15 years (including up to 400 hours of flashing!) on one set of field-replaceable batteries.

If remote communication is desired, a Pole Master can be fitted on the pole. The Pole Master can be 100% powered from solar panel – so no LV supply needed, making installation simple! The solar panel is compact enough that the Pole Master and solar panel can be mounted as one unit just by banding to the pole.

Designed for Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) systems, the ‘SWER’ can also be used on non-SWER systems. As the Pole Master can communicate to up to three nearby ‘SWER’ devices, this allows the ‘SWER’ to be used on very low current three-phase circuits. The ‘SWER’ device can indicate fault currents as small as 6 A (with 100 ms duration) which is ideal for remote ends of rural feeders with small fault current levels


Horstmann FPI 'SWER' units and Pole Master 4G communications.

Contact us now to find out more.


      SIPROTEC 5 with Arc Sensors    

SIPROTEC 5 was also on display, showing feeder protection relay with point and bare fibre arc sensors. The 7SJ82 features:

  • Directional or non-directional overcurrent protection with auto reclose option
  • Arc flash protection (3 sensors, with point and/or bare-fibre sensors)
  • Up to 23 binary inputs and 16 binary outputs
  • Frequency monitoring with multi-stage load shedding
  • 1 or 5 A CT's inputs selected by software – no need for different relay hardware
  • Small LCD display, or large LCD for use as HMI and custom control/display screen
  • Field upgradeable communication card
    • Serial copper or fibre for DNP
    • Ethernet copper or fibre for DNP-iP, IEC 61850 or both protocols simultaneously (this allows for DNP to SCADA and IEC 61850 Goose messages for interlocking functions to other relays)
  • Time sync via IRIG-B or with above Ethernet SCADA interface: NTP or PTP protocols
  • USB front port and separate rear Ethernet interface for remote engineering access
  • Industry-leading online and offline logic monitoring tools for development, testing and commissioning
  • Function point licencing allows additional functions to be added after order. Depending upon the hardware version, features include adding sync check, reverse power, CB fail, CB restrike protection, fault location or phasor measurement


Siemens Fusesaver
Siemens SIPROTEC 5 Arc monitoring
Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ82 Overcurrent protection relay with point arc flash. Line sensor not shown.


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