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Photo - Warwick Beech


Smiles - a measure of success
Tasked with writing the first commentary item for 2020, I considered the ideas that came from our company-wide 2020 strategy meeting. Yes, lots of exciting and significant things are planned for 2020 – but these will be outlined as they come closer to fruition. What’s been putting a smile on my face in the last few days is new technology. The new ‘head-office’ unexpectedly required a new phone system. We have switched from on-premise PABX hardware to a VOIP cloud system. As a ‘customer’ the pain was far less than expected, the new features added more productivity, and it was a joy to work with a vendor who exceeded expectations.

As a supplier these are the ideals we strive for. Our mission is to fulfil our customers’ needs for enhanced security, reliability and performance of their networks through technology, innovation, knowledge and partnership (Our Vision statement). So with 2020 kicking off, our focus is to put a smile on your face too.


Warwick Beech


Photo - Mike Strong


Welcome to 2020!  Each year seems to race by faster and faster, I am not sure if this is to do with the digital age or we are just getting older! 2019 was a year of many changes for HV Power, with the introduction of new products, change of ownership and relocation of the Auckland operation to larger building. Please feel free to drop in for a tour.

2020 is lining up to be a year of action with the implementation of a new business system and associated changes to the QA system. We are kicking off our first Roadshow at the end of February. One thing that does remain consistent is our aim to provide great products and support to all our customers.

We are encouraged when taking with our customers to hear that longer-term planning is well underway. I think we have all realised that we are short of resources and understand that it does take time to train new staff. Longer-term planning helps provide confidence to invest in new staff and their training - which we are doing.

Thank you for your continued support and I wish you well in 2020.




Mike Strong



We started 2020 in our new Auckland facility, which brings all our Auckland team to one combined and long-term location. ‘Unit K - 3 Gloucester Park Road’ has significantly increased floor space for work-in-progress, stock and emergency spares for switchgear and other products.

HV Power factory floor

While there is still a number of small items to be sorted out as we adapt to the new building, we will be pleased to host anyone who want to come and have a look around.

The second week of the working year had us off-site for a two-day planning meeting to set our path for 2020 and how to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team of over 23 people, including staff from Wellington, Melbourne and Canberra all attended, so lots of good ideas are being worked upon.


      Siemens NXPLUS C Roadshow Q1 2020    

We are off on the road again touring the length of New Zealand, this time with an example of Siemens NXPLUS C primary switchboard panel on the back of a truck.


The NXPLUS C range supports voltages of 11, 22 and now 33 kV.

  • For 11 and 22 kV applications the busbar can be rated at up to 2500 A. Circuit breakers of 450 mm width support 630 and 800 A circuits, and 600 mm width breakers support 1000 and 1250 A circuits.
  • For 33 kV applications the busbar is rated for 1250 A. 600 mm width circuit breaker panels are required and are available with 630, 800, 1000 and 1250 A rating.

 The NXPLUS C series is fixed pattern - that is, circuit breakers are non-withdraw, and are also gas-insulated. This provides a very compact solution that does not require extensive maintenance or monitoring. No gas handling equipment is required!

More information on the NXPLUS C range can be found on the Siemens website (NXPLUS C).

The NXPLUS C is a compact gas insulated range. For those who want air-insulated, the range is NXAIR. Details on NXAIR can be found in this section of the Siemens website (NXAIR).


      DIGSI 5 version 8.0    

DIGSI 5 version 8.0 has just been released. Version 8.0 updates the DIGSI software – there has been no v8.0 relay firmware released at this time.

Most hardware manuals for specific relays (e.g. 7UT, 7SD) remain at v7.90. The online help manual remains at v7.90, and the SIPROTEC 5 Engineering Guide remains at v6.0.

Key v7.9 features:

  • Project Navigation now has sort by name or age
  • Removal of a single device driver supported
  • Firmware updates to multiple relays can be accomplished in one go
  • Labels can be printed out for front panels with the eight push buttons
  • Supervision of Sampled Measured Values
  • PPS latency time settings

Key v8.0 features:

  • Output of Device Compare can now be output to PDF file

With the ETH-BD-2FO Ethernet interface option, VLANs are now supported (for example, allowing separation of DIGSI comms, homepages and Station Bus)


      A.Eberle price changes    

Effective 1 Feb 2020 there will be a small price increase on some A.Eberle products, in line with increased labour and component costs.

To improve support on the core product lines, some lesser-known products have been discontinued, such as TrafoStick and Grid Dynamics products. One discontinued product that might affect some New Zealand and Australian customers is the EOR-3D DIN rail mount version. However, the panel mount version remains available (which is like the REG-D enclosure).


      Fusesaver firmware update for OCO versions with firmware V353 or earlier    

We are in the process of contacting all those we know may be affected, but in case we have not yet made contact, or missed you, please be aware Siemens have released notification of new firmware (version 1402) to address a vulnerability in older firmware (V340-V353).

This only applies to OCO configured units with firmware V353 or earlier.

If you are not sure of the firmware supplied, we have records for all products supplied by HV Power, or we can let you know how to check this.


      Power Quality Software Update    

With the large range of A.Eberle PQ products and software tools to suit customers' diverse requirements, PQ updates seem to be a common topic. Therefore as a reminder, the current status is:

  • WinPQ mobil software (for PQ-Box 50/100/150/200/300 portable analysers). New release
  • WinPQ Lite (was WinPQ smart) software for permanent installed ‘PQI-DA smart’ analysers. Version 5.0
  • ‘PQI-DA smart’ firmware. New release V2.1.4

The new version of WinPQ mobil is predominately a minor bug fix.

The new features in PQI-DA smart firmware and the WinPQ Lite software relate to new cyber-security features, such as role-based access and encrypted communications.


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