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Mike, Warwick and the team would like to thank you all for your support during a very challenging year. We are proud to have retained all our staff, and with our plans for 2021, we have even taken on an additional person. We trust you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to working with you in 2021.


Mike Strong & Warwick Beech





Holiday hours

For your planning, please note that HV Power’s offices will close on the morning of Tuesday 22 December 2020 and will reopen on Tuesday 5 January 2021.

We will be monitoring our main office phone for messages during the Christmas period, so if you need urgent support this will be the best way to get in touch with us (that is, phone '0800 HV CALL' [0800 48 22 55])

      Siemens Energy    
Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy was created on 1 April 2020 in a restructure of the Siemens Group, with the plan for Siemens Energy to later be listed on the stock exchange. Siemens Energy is responsible for a range of MV and HV products.

Siemens Energy and HV Power have entered into a formal supply agreement for the supply of Distribution Transformers, Line Voltage Regulators and Surge Arrester products in New Zealand.  Therefore HV Power are now able to offer an expanded range of MV and HV products including the following.

Siemens dry trype transformers
Dry Transformers with 11, 22 or 33 kV HV windings and up to 750 V on the LV winding. Standard designs are available up to 3 MVA, with special designs of up to 50 MVA


66-220 kV switchgear, including the live tank 3AP1 series and the new ‘blue series’ (Blue being SF6 free)


Siemens JFR and SFR line regulators
JFR single phase 11 & 22 kV line regulators. 50 - 500 A, with +/- 10% regulation in 32 steps. SFR three phase regulator 11 kV 200 - 1750 A and 33 kV 80 - 450 A, with options from 5 to 20% steps


Siemens surge arresters
Surge Arrestors. Distribution and station class surge arrestors for distribution and transmission applications


      Siemens Fusesaver – Sectionaliser firmware    

Firmware is now available for the Fusesaver to act as a sectionaliser.

Working in conjunction with an upstream recloser or circuit breaker, the Fusesaver automatically isolates the faulted network section when a permanent fault occurs. The 100% self-contained unit opens after detecting a pre-determined number of fault clearing attempts from the upstream protection device.

The Fusesaver has the advantages of

  • Installation simplicity – it can be hung from the line
  • No auxiliary power required
  • Its switching device is a sealed vacuum interrupter so there is no risk of corrosion-induced failing to open
  • Three phase lockouts can be implemented for single phase faults by attaching the communication modules
  • Allowing the firmware to be upgraded to act as a Fusesaver if required

Siemens Fusesaver
Siemens Fusesaver with communication module



      SIPROTEC 5 Digital Twin – SIPROTEC 5 simulation website    

Siemens DIGITAL TWIN now allows access from users located in New Zealand.

This subscription service offers access to a Siemens website that features digital simulations of the full range of SIPROTEC 5 protection relay hardware. You can access any SIPROTEC 5 relay type, in any product configuration. That is, any combination of expansion modules, any number of function points or any significant feature combination. The Digital Twin uses the same operating system as the protection relays themselves, giving an ideal test ground for new settings - without the concern of adding another variable into your investigation. The DIGITAL TWIN supports relay firmware 7.8 onwards, with limited support for firmware back to 7.5.

Up to eight relays can be configured in a project. Binary connections between relays can be simulated for testing interlocking. A protection data interface between two relays can be simulated for two-ended line differential applications. GOOSE messaging can be routed between relays.

Advanced functions include VPN access to the DIGITAL TWIN to connect your DIGSI 5 software to the TWIN as if it were real hardware next to you. VPN access can also be used to connect a SCADA master to the DIGITAL TWIN SCADA interface for control and mapping testing. The DIGITAL TWIN even has a built-in simulated test current/voltage source for basic testing, with ability to upload Omicron State Sequencer files and play back COMTRADE files for more advanced testing.

Contact us for further details on the annual subscriptions. The DIGITAL TWIN does not support testing of serial or PTP protocols, and support for Process Bus is currently somewhat limited.



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