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Photo - Warwick Beech


Warwick Beech

Moving to higher ground?

This month, Mother Nature has thrown a lot at us in the form of earthquakes and severe downpours. Sitting in Wellington, I have felt the quakes and seen the flooding. I am certainly thankful not to have experienced the full fury of nature’s forces as those living in the upper South Island have endured.

Putting aside the hurt, disruption and cost, the technical aspects have been interesting, such as correct operation of protection and monitoring equipment, the real-life implementation of control room backup plans and the ability of equipment, individuals and organisations to continue on. The surprising part is the vulnerability of sites to flooding. However, while it easy to upgrade and improve protection and improve business continuity plans, it’s not so easy to shift substations to higher ground!

We expect there will be a number of architects and engineers questioning why some relatively new buildings in the Wellington CBD didn’t fare so well last week.

Please keep safe. Our next newsletter is due at the start of February, when hopefully we will all have a fresh perspective on enjoying the work / life balance available to us in New Zealand.


Warwick Beech

2016 Training

We have limited the number of generic training courses in 2017 to allow us to focus more on providing customised training at customer’s premises. We have seen an increased demand for customised training courses, when the customer is seeking training specific to:

  • how to set up a specific IED for a specific project
  • how to commission an IED for a specific project

We will be pleased to provide you pricing for such training courses. A small investment in training can save you considerable development and commissioning costs on projects by ensuring your staff are fully up-to-speed in today’s complex technological environment.

2017 Public Training Courses (Held in our Auckland office):

22 Feb 2017 DIGSI 4 & SIPROTEC 4 Protection Relay Introduction
24 May 2017 REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator Introduction
23 Aug 2017 DIGSI 5 & SIPROTEC 5 Protection Relay Introduction
15 Nov 2017 REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator SCADA Communications

We will be pleased to respond to your specific requirements, so if you have any training needs not addressed here, please contact Rob Knight.


      DIGSI 4.91 - Windows 10 now supported!    
DIGSI 4 supported Windows 10

Our November newsletter provided a table with the status of Windows 10 support for the main software programs we support. As fate would have it, and is the nature of software, that information is now out-of-date. Siemens has just announced that DIGSI 4 Version 4.91 (for SIPROTEC 3 & 4), has now been released with the major enhancement of support for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise 64-bit.

Note that for the installation of DIGSI 4, the Microsoft .Net Framework V3.5 is required which, with Windows 10, needs to be downloaded and installed manually.

A number of improvements have been made to DIGSI 4.91, including better exporting of CFC charts from DIGSI 4 to DIGSI 5, a help to those upgrading to the new SIPROTEC 5 Protection Relay range.

To download the free upgrade, you will need to access the Siemens 'Industry Online Support' website when your organisation (and consultants and contractors) are ready to step up to DIGSI 4.91.

NB: as we advised in last month’s newsletter, you need to first register via that website to access this content.

DIGSI 4.91 Update (1.4 GB)

DIGSI 4.91 Readme (220 kb)


      The Importance of Standards    
SIPROTEC relays conform to IEC 60255

For protection engineers, the earthquakes of last week in the South Island and Wellington region puts the relevance of the Vibration, Shock Stress and Seismic Vibration standards as defined under chapter 21 of IEC 60255 into perspective. This standard defines the test parameters under which protective relays in service must be able to reliably operate.

We have explained this to a lay person with a simple analogy:

It’s like ensuring the singer can stay on pitch and keep the beat even when they're being subject to some serious physical shaking.....eg: Elvis.

Siemens SIPROTEC relays meet the requirements of IEC 60255.


      DIGSI 5 - Export/Import to Excel - Adjust standard settings in Excel    
DIGSI 5 export and import to Excel

DIGSI 5 TEA-X plug-in, allows DIGSI 5/SIPROTEC 5 device settings to be imported or exported to Microsoft Excel (2007 SP3 or later).

TEA-X is an XML-based data exchange format defined for Siemens Energy Automation products. (TEA-X = Totally integrated Energy Automation eXchange).

The functionality is very similar to the DIGSI 4 'DIGSI is talking XML' feature.

TEA-X is a feature ideal for:

  • Engineers who want human readable settings in an ‘open format’ such as what you would include in settings reports. (DIGSI 5 does have its own customisable print version of settings available.)
  • Organisations who have a standard settings scheme, and want others without DIGSI 5 access to be able to review/update setting values.


      Well done Tekron - Award winners!    
Tekron Award Winners

Tekron were announced as winners at the Wellington Regional Business Excellence Awards.

Tekron first claimed the Technology and Innovation award, and concluded the night with the ‘Supreme Wellington Regional Business Excellence - Business of the Year' award.

We know, and promote, ‘Tekron products feature world leading technology and quality’. The Excellence Awards are confirmation that excellence in their products is supported by excellence in all aspects of their business.

The award is now proudly on display at their new offices, Tekron having recently moved to a refurbished building on the Petone foreshore area to provide better creative and collaborative spaces for their growing organisation.

Read more about Tekron’s awards.


      KIWI REPORTER Technical Data Sheet    
KIWI REPORTER Technical Data Sheet

To support our NZ-assembled KIWI REPORTER, we have released a comprehensive Technical Data Sheet. This can be accessed from our website's 'Fault Passage Indicators' product page.

The KIWI REPORTER is a robust, outdoor SCADA interface for SMART NAVIGATOR Fault Passage Indicators. The KIWI REPORTER features large battery and power supply capacity to support those customers wanting to use high-power radio communications to remote sites. It is available in AC and solar-powered versions.

If you have any other questions – just let us know via phone or email.


      PQI-DA smart - Stream 200 ms PQ data to database    
PQI-DA Smart, stream PQ data to database

We have been putting the PQI-DA smart Power Quality Analyser through its paces with both the new WinPQ smart (free) software and enterprise WinPQ software (V4.2).


Using WinPQ, this device is capable of automatically streaming 200 ms samples (i.e. True RMS averages of each successive 10 cycles), plus 1 and 3 second averages, plus 10 minute, plus 30 minute and hour values to SQL database.  With over 3,000 measurements to choose from, and with the assurance of Class A performance, the PQI-DA smart is the device to use for your fixed installed Power Quality monitoring.

For even higher speed needs, set up Oscilloscope Recorder trigger conditions (voltage, current, frequency and binary inputs) to capture out of limit events.

The PQI-DA smart can be ordered with extended harmonics capability, extending measurements from 0-50th harmonic to the range of 0-200th harmonics.

Using the free WinPQ smart software, data can be downloaded as required. The on-board 1 GB of memory can be supplemented with a SD memory card (up to 32 GB), to allow more data to be recorded before data overlap.

There is a huge capability within these products to provide information on all sorts of issues, so we have a demo unit ready to show you the solution in action - which is much more impressive than a static datasheet. Give us a call today.


      Holiday hours    
Holiday hours

For your project planning and forward ordering, please note that HV Power’s offices will be closing on the afternoon of Thursday 22 December 2016 and will be reopening on Monday 9 January 2017. We will be monitoring our main office phone for messages during the Christmas period, so if you need urgent support this will be the best way to get in touch with us (that is, phone '0800 HV CALL' [0800 48 22 55]).


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