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Photo - Warwick Beech


Warwick Beech

Delivering on our commitment

This is our last newsletter for 2013, but we will be back in your inbox at the start of February 2014. Looking back over this year, we have been proud to be part of the release of many new and improved product initiatives by our suppliers. Internally we are seeing the benefit of having more clearly structured our sales and support functions, to help with the growing need to support under-resourced contractors with the increased functionality in products.

This year we saw Brine, from our workshop, leave to raise his young son while Anya, our friendly front of office and Admin/Accounts person recently left us to re-join the family business. We now welcome Barbara to the role of office Administrator.

Our Voltage Regulator and Power Quality Analyser business in Australia is rapidly developing, with the REG-D/DA and PQ-Box 100 now being used by a growing number of Utilities and Transmission customers. The applications have been diverse and challenging. So while HV Power delivers a huge step change of proficiency and technology to the Australian market, we have the benefit from learning about the different control approaches utilised. With the growth in this market we now have a permanent physical presence in Australia;, Grant Wells being our first Aussie employee.

For those who know Grant from his previous employment, you will know that HV Power now has even more practical and in-depth experience relating to Transformers and control at its disposal.

We are poised for 2014 to be a great year, where again we will deliver on our commitment of:

….fully understanding the applications, product specifications, settings and operation of all our products….. not selling black boxes………or selling a product until we’re confident that it does what it claims, and we can fully support it - locally……



Grant Wells

Grant Wells
In Australia, Grant has joined us to become HV Power's Business Development Manager based in Melbourne. Grant is well known to many of our customers on both sides of the Tasman from his previous roles at PT Pauwels Trafo Asia, and more recently, working for a division of Wilson Transformers. Grant has a young family who, we understand, appreciate seeing more of him now his travel is local within Australia.


Barbara Haughey

Barbara Haughey
This month we welcomed on board Barbara Haughey who has taken up the role of office Administrator to manage reception, accounts and secretarial duties. Barbara has a degree in Sports and most recently was involved in Auckland Cricket. We're expecting her to keep the HV Power team on the ball and will pitch in where necessary!


      Holiday period    
HV Power Holiday Period

For your project planning, and forward ordering, please note that HV Power will be closing our offices on the afternoon of Friday 20 December 2013, and will be reopening on Monday 6 January 2014. We will be monitoring our main office phone for messages, so if you need urgent support during the Christmas period, this will be the way to get in touch with us (09 377 2001).


      Getting the most out of DIGSI 4    
DIGSI 4 useful resources

Do you want to improve your DIGSI skills? Don’t forget the DIGSI videos are available:

HV Power has copies of the DIGSI 4 Tutorial DVD, from where these videos were sourced. If you would prefer to not download, or want a higher quality, contact us for a copy of the DVD.

Further resources:



      DIGSI 4.88    
Siemens DIGSI 4.88 Released

DIGSI 4.88 is now available for download (to upgrade installed V4.87 versions). HV Power will soon have DVDs available for normal full installations. DIGSI 4.88 offers a number of improvements, mainly in the area of IEC 61850.

Please note that it is important that all users within an organisation/project (including consultants and contractors) run the same version. Many of our customers have an agreed process for adopting new versions only as required.

Documentation on new features of DIGSI 4.88 can be found here

Please contact us if you would like a DVD copy of V4.88.


      SIGRA 4.54    
SIGRA 4.54 released

SIGRA 4.54 has been released. The main new features are:

  1. Support of the new impedance calculation based on the reactance method
  2. Clear separation between impedance calculation settings and fault locator settings
  3. Original device settings (from the RIO file) are displayed in the network configuration

We understand that SIGRA 4.54 solves a couple of compatibility issues with those also running Omicron software.

All (licenced) users of SIGRA V4.3 + can upgrade to 4.54 using this link (50 MB)

SIGRA 4.54 Release Information

A demo version of SIGRA is available for those who wish to explore the capabilities of SIGRA (3 MB)


      Remote relay support via TeamViewer    
Remote software support using TeamViewer 7

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. By that account, TeamViewer can save a few hours of phone calls. TeamViewer provides a highly efficient means of remote support. It provides the ability for us to remotely “look” to see what’s going on. When you are connected to us, and a relay, our support staff can see “first-hand” what going on with a relay and help diagnose firmware and setting issues etc

TeamViewer is quick to download and install, and connects over a standard “public” Internet connection. The “remote view” of your screen which is provided to us eliminates the often challenging task of you describing over the phone what you are seeing, or us describing where to click: a difficulty which is often compounded by us having different operating systems, different software versions or customised views/menus etc.

We've found TeamViewer highly productive when field engineers and technical staff have wireless modems at site thereby allowing instant sharing of relay and software information during commissioning, and thus, eliminating delays while screenshot's or setting files are emailed back and forwards.

HV Power use TeamViewer 7. There are later versions, but we are licenced for TeamViewer 7, a copy of which can be downloaded from the “Remote Software Support” page of the “Services” section of our website. Here you will also find our step-by-step guide to installation and operation.

We strongly urge you to give TeamViewer 7 a “test drive” if we suggest this as a support option. However, where your company restricts rights on your PC, we would urge you to lobby your IT department to deploy TeamViewer 7 prior.

TeamViewer is not a replacement for learning via manuals or training courses, but will help us to resolve unusual or difficult site cases more efficiently.

PS: We haven't found any solution yet to avoid reading the manual first or attending one of our training courses if you're expecting to use commissioning time to learn the intricacies of an IED for the first time!


      SIPROTEC 5 Differential functions    

SIPROTEC 5 now supports Differential Protection as an add-on option for 7SK82 & 7SK85 Motor Protection Relay. This adds to the "Dif" functions already available in 7SD8, 7SL8 and 7SA8 families (7SD8 = Differential Protection, 7SL8 Combination Distance/Differential Protection, 7SA8 = Distance Protection). The SIPROTEC 5 Line Differential Protection range supports up to 6 line ends, with breaker and half arrangements and supports transformer-in-zone.


      Siemens G703/X21/RS-422 Comms Converter    
SIPROTEC G703 Comms Converter

The 7XV5662-0AA00 "G703" Comms Converter is commonly used with the 7SA522 Distance Protection Relay to allow protection signalling to be communicated over G703 circuits. Siemens are now shipping the 7XV5662-0AA00 in a new hardware version (/GG). The main change is that the G703 connection is no longer a screw terminal, but a DB-9 connection. There are some minor terminal layout changes, and a reduction in the number of internal jumpers for configuration setup.

The manual for the 7XV5662-0AA00 (Version /GG) can be down loaded here.

HV Power will initially include a simple cross-reference with each new unit shipped, to aid your installation of this version. A copy of this document is also available upon request.


      Tripping, Aux and Trip Circuit Supervision Relays    

We offer too many different Trip and electromechanical Aux relays to mention all of them in this newsletter, especially when you consider HV Power can offer both the Siemens (+Reyrolle) and the RMS range.

However, it’s hard to beat the industry favourite electromechanical 6R Series from RMS, and their 1X10/20/30 electronic supervision/trip circuit relays

If your traditional designs mention French (or was it originally English??) brand devices, chances are we’ll have an equivalent RMS relay at a fraction of the price and with quicker delivery.

Where small compact or pluggable solutions are required, then Siemens 7PA range is also worth considering.

HV Power Holiday Period

7TS16 Annunciation Relay

Used to provide centralised trip indication of remote and local signals. Features steering diodes where a common trip is desired. Four alarm/trips are indicated by LED’s, and each operate a change over and normal open contact for independent trip and SCADA connection. A remote reset feature is provided too. Click for data sheet.


HV Power Holiday Period

7PA22/23 Lockout Relay

These pluggable relays are available in flush or surface mount configurations. The 7PA22/23 are bi-stable lockout relays, with 4 or 8 change over-contacts. A high make/break capability makes these suitable for HV and MV switchgear. Click for data sheet.


HV Power Holiday Period

7PA26/27/30 Aux & Trip Circuit Relays

7PA26/27 offer 4 and 8 change over contacts, with 8, 10 & 20 ms pickup times. Flush and surface mounting sockets are available. The 7PA30 offers trip circuit supervision for single coil and selective three phase trip coil breakers. Click for data sheet.


Services Section SIPROTEC 4 Device Hardware, Device Firmware & Device Parameter-set (P-set)

An operational SIPROTEC numerical protection relay consists of a hardware component, a firmware component, and the applied settings:

  • The hardware component is the physical electronics that form the foundation of the device. The MLFB (ordering code) defines the mix of the different hardware options. The MLFB may also indicate setup options (such as if CT input jumpers are set to 1A or 5A, or if specific licensed features are enabled, e.g. Auto-reclose)
  • The firmware is the microprocessor code (i.e. the operating system) that provides the protection and control functionalities utilising the hardware
  • The Parameter-set (P-set) is the set of all parameters (settings) that can be set for a SIPROTEC 4 device. The parameter-set may be specific to a given firmware version, or a range of firmwares. As the DIGSI 4 software for creation of setting files supports all SIPROTEC 4 devices, and all firmware versions, the Parameter-set can be seen as the bridge between the specific device firmware and DIGSI 4 software, ensuring the correct parameters are loaded.

All SIPROTEC Relay units are clearly labelled, and this information is also accessible via the HMI and setting files. This label shows specific order/versions information. For example: “7SJ8042-4EB96-3FB0+L0S /CC; Firmware V04.63.05 ; P-set: V4.62.04; BFXXXXXXXXXX”, is:

  • The MLFB code defining the mix of the hardware options (i.e. 7SJ8042-4EB96-3FB0+L0S)
  • Hardware version for the main body (i.e. /CC) [Communication cards and other slot in devices will have their own hardware and possibly firmware versions]
  • Firmware version V04.63.05
  • Parameter-set (device driver) V4.62.04;
  • Serial number BFXXXXXXXXXX.

What is a Device Driver?

When browsing the SIPROTEC web site, the download file for updating DIGSI with new Parameter-sets are referred to as “Device Drivers”. These files are zipped .exe files, which will run an installer to load the Parameter-sets into DIGSI.(From this site, select the relay type in the Product/Version selection box, then select "Software and Firmware" in the "Downloads" selection box before clicking "Search")

The firmware for the protection relay, also available via the Siemens website, is clearly indicated as firmware. This is also a zipped exe file, which will install a universal SIPROTEC 4 firmware load programme (separate from DIGSI). With any firmware “zipped .exe” files, the firmware load programme is only installed if it does not exist. Where the firmware load programme does exist, then the new firmware is added and appears in the load programme selection list.

SIPROTEC firmware loading tool

Figure 1. SIPROTEC Firmware Update tool supports multiple relay/firmware versions.

What version firmware/parameter-set do I use?

When creating a setting file from scratch within DIGSI, you are given the choice of what parameter-set to use. Note that within DIGSI you are selecting/using a parameter-set (not firmware). In selecting which parameter-set to use, you should confirm:

  1. Whether the customer/utility specifies a particular version to be used.
  2. That your copy of DIGSI actually has the latest parameter-sets loaded (if electing to use the latest version). Check the website.
  3. That the parameter-set is supported by target relay firmware (one, the other, or both may need to change).

Normally the latest release is recommended. However, where you are adding to an existing project, it may be appropriate to use an earlier firmware version to enable compatibility with your existing installed systems. In the case where devices are communicating across Protection Data Interfaces (especially Differential Relays), firmware compatibility between line ends is a strict requirement. In some very limited cases, hardware versions may need to be considered to enable matching firmware to be used.

The Siemens document “Service Information Firmware update SIPROTEC 4” is available from the web (or via HV Power). This provides instructions covering the process of updating relay firmware, updating DIGSI parameter-sets and the compatibility rules for different hardware/firmware and parameter-sets. Use this information to select the appropriate firmware and parameter-set (device driver) versions and then locate the files on the SIPROTEC website to download.

The most current version of “Service Information Firmware update SIPROTEC 4” can be accessed via this link. However, we recommend navigating via the website links to ensure you get the latest version.

Note that when installing an update from the web, not all minor versions of the parameter-set may be available/included (most likely it is the latest version). If you need a specific minor version, contact us for advice.

Is the parameter-set supported by target relay firmware?

The document “Service Information Firmware update SIPROTEC 4” provides the full details of compatibility. However, generally the firmware version and the parameter-set version have to match by the first number behind the decimal point. This means for a device with firmware version V4.1x any parameter-set version V4.1y is acceptable.

If the first digit after the decimal point differs, then the parameter-set should be updated. For example, a relay with Firmware V4.12 which is updated to V4.23, will need the “old” V4.1y parameter-set to be updated to V4.2y. DIGSI 4 has an “Update Parameter-set” function, described in the “Service Information Firmware update SIPROTEC 4” document. This document also lists some exceptions. A further document “Important Information regarding the Update of Parameter-sets” is also available giving further details of this process.

Supply of new relays

All customer orders for SIPROTEC devices will be supplied with the latest firmware and hardware, unless otherwise arranged. Where you are adding to an existing project, it may be recommended to specify an earlier firmware version to enable compatibility with your existing system. In limited cases matching hardware versions may be required. In the cases where multiple devices are communicating, such as across Protection Data Interfaces (Differential Relays) firmware compatibility is a strict requirement.

At HV Power, we keep records of all this information for any relay we supply, so call on us if you need help. As part of our delivery service, we can also install your desired firmware version.


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