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        Siemens 8DJH Operator Guides    

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Gearing up for EEA

The countdown is on! It's only 9 weeks till EEA in Auckland (25/26/27 June). HV Power will be exhibiting at EEA this year too!

Contact us if you would like to schedule a visit to our switchgear facility to see a range of sample configurations on display. However, we will only be able to offer limited tours through the switchgear facility, as it will be 'on the move' to a new larger location to provide much needed space to accommodate the growing demand. Our Porters Ave office will remain as it is till later in the year, when it too will be moved to the same building as the Switchgear Division.


Warwick Beech



We have completed our own simplified operator guides for the Siemens 8DJH series of RMUs. These cover the mechanical operation of ring switches, fused feeders and both types of circuit breakers.

8DJH Operator Guide
8DJH Operator Guide

Currently PDF copies of the documents are available on request, but laminated hardcopies will soon be shipping with each RMU. Contact us if you would like a copy for your existing switchgear.


      Line Diff with Distance-to-Fault    

Not new, but still great value. The SIPROTEC 5 7SD82 Line Differential Relay can be optioned with:

  • Distance-to-Fault reporting
  • Transformer in-zone support
  • Copper pilot wire, fibre optic or switch digital network comms support
  • Transmission of signals (remote bits) to remote end(s)
  • Support for 2/3/4/5 and 6 line ends
Siemens Protection Relay
SIPROTEC 5 - shown with large display option.

Contact us now to find out more about the very popular and powerful 7SD8 series.


      HV Power offers Siemens ‘NXPLUS C’ Switchgear    

For applications beyond the capabilities of the very popular 8DJH series of RMU/switchboards, HV Power offers the NXPLUS C range. Available for 11, 22 and now 36 kV applications the busbar and feeders can be rated at up to 2500 A. All panel designs are available for the 11/22 kV rated panels including double-busbar solutions. For 36kV applications, ring switch, buscoupler and 600 mm wide circuit breaker panels for single bus configurations are available.

The NXPLUS C is fixed-mount (eliminating the risk of withdraw modules) and gas- insulated to provide a long maintenance-free life.


Services Section DIGSI Versions and Hotfixes

HV Power recommends that all networks have their contractors and consultants keep in-step with the same DIGSI software versions. This eliminates the risk of receiving a setting file that you can’t open, as the prior person in the ‘chain’ had a more up-to-date DIGSI version, or a technician can’t load a new setting to a relay, as the consultant was using a later version, and so on.

Rather than undertaking updates as each new DIGSI version comes out, most of our customers ‘lock in’ a version for a period of time. It is therefore critical for contractors and consultants to know the requirements of each utility they support – i.e. what version of DIGSI they use.

From time to time a ‘hotfix’ is released. This is to fix a bug in the software without having to issue a whole new version. Typically a hotfix sorts out a critical issue and does not affect the setting data structure – thus having different hotfixes may not be an issue. A hotfix is normally applied ‘on top’ of an installed version of DIGSI. Later versions of a hotfix also include earlier versions (i.e. HF03 includes HF01 & HF02 etc). A hotfix is always specific to a given version of DIGSI. Occasionally, Siemens release a new DIGSI installer that also includes the hotfixes – saving time for new installs. In some cases the term ‘Service Pack’ is also used (e.g. SP1).


  • Latest version of DIGSI 5 = Version 7.8
  • Latest hotfix = HF03
  • For those customers still ‘locked into’ Version 7.5, its latest hotfix is HF04


  • Latest version of DIGSI 4 = Version 4.93
  • Latest Service Pack = SP1
  • 4.93 is being used in NZ by new customers (and those with 7SC80 hardware to allow support of its support flexible protocol mapping).

For existing customers, such as most utilities, DIGSI 4.91 remains our recommended version. DIGSI 4.91 has Service Pack 1 released.

IEC 61850 System Configurator:

DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 both use the same IEC 61850 System Configurator with the most current version being 5.8 with Hotfix 1. In this case the Hotfix is not available as a separate file, so the full System Configurator V7.80+HF1 should be downloaded and reinstalled.

The various files and hotfixes can be found on HV Power’s password-protected Service Provider webpage. Contact us if you need access details.


  Multiple DIGSI versions
  • Yes, you can have DIGSI 4 and DIGSI 5 on the same machine!
  • You can only have one version of DIGSI 4 at a time (i.e. you cannot have DIGSI 4.91 and DIGSI 4.82 on one machine at the same time – use Virtual Machines to get around that).
  • At this time, it is possible to have both DIGSI 5 Version 7.5 and Version 7.8 on the same machine (plus DIGSI 4) – however, there is no guarantee that two versions of DIGSI 5 will be possible in the future. We are expecting DIGSI 5 Version 7.9 in a couple of months, and will have to wait till then to see what is possible (three versions of DIGSI 5 is highly unlikely!)
  • You can have two instances of DIGSI 5 open at the same time (but only with different Projects). This is great for copying and pasting items between projects.


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