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Time Synchronisation

Why use GPS time synchronisation?

Time synchronisation is a core component to reliable automation, fault analysis and recording in the power industry.

Without accurate timestamps between fault records in individual IED's, it can be extremely difficult to determine the true sequence of events after the fault. Without constant synchronisation, the different IED's internal clocks can lead to microseconds of difference per day.

This is where GPS time synchronisation comes in. Only GPS time synchronsation can give you cheap, easy to manage, reliable, sub-millisecond time synchronisation.

TEKRON offer high quality, reliable GPS time synchronisation solutions,designed and assembled in New Zealand. They have a proven track record both here, and around the world. GarrettCom offer GPS time soultions integrated in selected Ethernet switches and other devices.

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GPS Clocks& Time Servers

TCG 01-G GPS Clock

TCG 01 GPS clock

The Tekron TCG 01-G provides a sub-microsecond time synchronisation solution with outputs that are electrically isolated. Remote engineering access is provided by Ethernet interface.

The TCG 01-G is designed for synchronising multiple industrial control and SCADA devices, including protection relays and remote telemetry units. Its IRIG-B AM, DCLS, Serial String and NTP outputs make it the ideal substation clock.

Options include:

More info on the TCG 01-G


TCG 02-G GPS Clock

Tekron TCG 02-E GPS clock

The Tekron TCG 02-G is based on the TCG 01-G, but with its full 19" rack enclosure features an even wider range of output options and single or dual redundant power supply inputs. The second power supply can be a different voltage, allowing for example the clock to be powered from the 110 V and 48 Vdc supplies found in most substations. A 230 Vac input option (using IEC 320 connectors) is also now available.The TCG 02-G is designed for synchronsing multiple industrial control and SCADA devices, including IEC 61850 protection relays, remote telemetry units and E1/T1 transmission equipment.

Options include:

More info on the TCG 02-G


NTS Network Time Servers

NTS 01 network time server

The Tekron NTS 02-G & 03-G GPS Network Time Server provides economic network time synchronisation solutions (NTP) with excellent timing accuracy (to within 1 millisecond of UTC). They are designed for synchronsing industrial control and SCADA networks over Ethernet. PTP output is now an option for all units. The NTS 02-G features 3 x NTP ports, while the NTS 03-G features 3 or 6 NTP ports. The NTS 03-G also features dual redundant power supplies - which include an IEC 320 230 Vac socket option, and option for added IRIG-B outputs.
More info on the NTS 02-G
More info on the NTS 03-G


TTM 01-G GPS Clock

TTM 01-G GPS Clock

The TTM 01-G is designed for synchronising industrial control and SCADA equipment, including protection relays and remote telemetry units. It is an economic time synchronisation solution with excellent timing accuracy (sub-microsecond to UTC). Remote engineering access is provided by Ethernet interface. The TTM 01-G offers improved functionality over the TTM 01-E, with 1 x TTL IRIG-B output and a second output specified at time of ordering, namely;

Options include:

More info on the TTM 01-G


PTP Translator

PTP Translator

The PTP Translator connects to a PTP source and provides an IRIG-B (and other) outputs. Thus those taking advantage of PTP (Precision Time Protocol, IEEE 1588) for distribution of time signals, can still use legacy time protocols (IRIG-B, DCF 77, 1PPS etc) for non PTP capable equipment.

With PTP-compatible Ethernet switches, a PTP clock (such as the Tekron TCG series) can be installed at your site and connected to the substation LAN. Via the PTP compatible switches, the PTP clock delivers highly accurate time signals across the substation LAN to PTP-compatible IED’s. Where legacy IED’s do not directly support PTP, the PTP Translator is used to provide a ‘local’ IRIG-B signal. This removes the need to provide a dedicated IRIG-B time bus around the entire substation.

Of course Tekron PTP clocks such as TCG/TTM/NTS series also support NTP protocol, thus allowing NTP devices to also be served via the substation LAN (but not to the same precision as PTP). The good news is that the PTP Translator can not only sync to a PTP source, but also an NTP source. So the PTP Translator is also the solution where you have NTP available for your substation IED’s but need IRIG-B for a couple of legacy devices. In this case the PTP Translator can generate the IRIG-B locally to the legacy devices from NTP, avoiding the need to install an IRIG-B clock and antenna.

More info on the PTP Translator


ITR & MOFR Signal Repeater


ITR's (and their predecesor the 'MOFR') are compact DIN-rail-mounted signal repeater units that convert time sync signals from copper or fibre input to copper and fibre output, providing electrical isolation between equipment being synchronised. This allows signals from one time source to be distributed throughout a facility without fear of noise or ground potential rise problems.

HV Power's Guides to Tekron MOFR & ITR's
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IRIG-B Analyzer

IRIG-B Analyzer

The IRIG-B Analyzer connects to copper and fibre timing circuits to decode and report on the time signal. Supporting the IRIG-B protocol the unit will identify the IRIG-B version, and control functions present (e.g. IEEE 1344 extensions, etc). The unit can be connected to TTL, RS-232, RS-422, & RS-485 level circuits, and will display the RMS signal level (voltage) – providing useful information to help find wiring problems. Polarity of the signal is indicated, helping identify the common cause of time signal connection problems.

The IRIG-B Analyzer can be used on DC Level Shifted and Amplitude Modulated circuits, thus providing valuable information on the two most commonly used IRIG-B time signals in the power utility industry. This rugged, portable, battery-powered device is a valuable tool for any technician.

Tekron's ScopeApp™ is a revolutionary and easy-to-use IRIG-B oscilloscope application for Android smart devices that uses the enhanced processor and screen capabilities of your smartphone/tablet to decode and graph IRIG-B signals when wirelessly connected to Tekron’s IRIG-B Analyser. The hands-free, wireless connection (Bluetooth) allows the user to take multiple ‘scope’ captures with ease. Text reports of the pulse characteristics can be captured for confirmation of correct 'as-left' settings.  With the capability to email recorded captures, the files can be shared with multiple support personnel back at base, thereby allowing for detailed remote analysis and on-the-spot resolution.

IRIG-B Analyzer screenshot IRIG-B Analyzer report

View the Tekron IRIG-B Analyser webpage or contact us for a demo.