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Protection Relays

In New Zealand, protection and control IED products from Siemens are distributed by HV Power. These products not only include the SIPROTEC brand of numerical protection relays, but also the REYROLLE brand of relays and test blocks.

Siemens is one of the world’s leading suppliers of protection equipment for power systems. SIPROTEC relays support a broad range of communication protocols, such as; IEC 60870-5-103, DNP3, MODBUS, PROFIBUS … and the international standard IEC 61850.

For discrete auxiliary relays, arc fault monitoring and pilot wire supervision products, we recommend RMS.

Below are the main product series and products we provide:

Product Families

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Siemens SIPROTEC 5 series of protection relays provides outstanding features and capability with their new generation of technology. The SIPROTEC 5 range supports the needs of advanced transmission applications, answers the call for powerful security and flexible communications capabilities. SIPROTEC 5 many new features such as support for DNP-iP and Arc Flash Detection make this range well suited to distribution applications.

SIPROTEC 5 is characterised by modular, field expandable hardware.

The release of SIPROTEC 5 does not affect SIPROTEC 4, which continues to be fully supported. SIPROTEC 4 is still the product for many of our customer’s standard applications.

With this new hardware range, you require DIGSI 5, a very powerful piece of software, specifically developed to support the features of SIPROTEC 5. DIGSI 4 continues to be developed and supported for SIPROTEC 4 applications.

More info on SIPROTEC 5 - hardware 



SIPROTEC 4 family

A variety of Siemens units ranging from overcurrent-time protection for medium-voltage applications, to distance and differential protection for extra-high voltage applications. All units have control functions and offer a variety of communication possibilities. They have a large number of integrated protection functions, from which you can easily select those required for your specific application.

More info on SIPROTEC 4


SIPROTEC Compact ('80 series)

SIPROTEC compact (80 series)

The SIPROTEC Compact units offer:

  • Advanced functionality at minimum space. The SIPROTEC Compact relays provide a functionality almost equal to SIPROTEC 4, but in a compact size.
  • High adaptability via pluggable current and voltage terminal blocks, and exchangeable communication modules.
  • A quick data acquisition is available through USB front port.

More info on SIPROTEC Compact



Reyrolle Family

REYROLLE is a brand of Siemens protection relays (Siemens Protection Devices - SPD). Manufactured in the UK, the REYROLLE brand of numeric and auxiliary protection relays offers simple and versatile functionality. The range mainly has support for DNP3, IEC 60870-5-103 and MODBUS RTU. Some products are now available with IEC 61850 protocol. The REYROLLE range includes the products known under names of Solkor, ARGUS, Delta and Duobias.

Cross Reference of REYROLLE to Siemens Model Numbers
More info at REYROLLE's website


RMS Mors Smitt

RMS family

RMS Mors Smitt design and manufacture in Australia a range of high quality protective relays and accessories including:

  • Auxiliary and tripping relays
  • Single and multi-function protection relays
  • Trip circuit supervision relays
  • Arc fault protection relays

With over 45 years of experience, RMS Mors Smitt offer a broad base of field-proven product standard products with good delivery.

More info at the RMS Mors Smitt website


Relays by application

Overcurrent Relays



SIPROTEC 4 family Featuring from the simple CT powered “Easy” series, the SIPROTEC Compact Series, to the multifunctional SIPROTEC 7SJ64 Series, and now the new SIPROTEC 5 Series.

More info on SIPROTEC Compact series
More info on SIPROTEC 4 series
More info on SIPROTEC 5 series 


Argus-C (7SR110 & 7SR120)

Argus C

After extensive development, Reyrolle SPD have released a new overcurrent protection relay, perfect for NZ feeder protection applications. The ARGUS-C features:

  • Overcurrent and earth fault protection (single and four pole), with optional directional elements
  • Compact size (E4 case – 177 mm high (4U), 104 mm wide)
  • 3 or 6 BI, 5 or 8 BO, 10 tri-colour annunciator LEDs
  • DNP 3.0 Serial output (2 wire RS-485). 103 and Modbus RTU also supported
  • USB front interface
  • 0-250 Vdc auxiliary supply
  • Free setting software (Reydisp Evolution 32)
  • All the normal monitoring functions plus positive, negative and zero sequence values
  • Fault record storage for 10 events
  • Optional Auto reclose

Options include undervoltage, undercurrent, broken conductor, negative phase sequence, thermal overload, earth fault and sensitive earth fault, CB failure, overvoltage, neutral displacement, high impedance earth fault, directional elements, cold load, CT and VT supervision, trip circuit supervision and lockout.

More info at REYROLLE's website


Argus-M (7SR210 & 7SR220)


The Argus-M is similar to the Argus-C, but significantly offers a larger I/O count and in addition to DNP support, it also offers an IEC 61850 Ethernet interface option.

More info at REYROLLE's website


Distance Protection


SIPROTEC 4 family

The SIPROTEC 7SA Series offers advanced features for transmission line distance protection.

More info on SIPROTEC 4 series
More info on SIPROTEC 5 series 


Line Differential Protection

Solkor R/Rf (7PG21)


Solkor R/Rf Electromechanical pilot wire relay for copper pilot wires. Solkor R/Rf relays are well known and proven for their simple, traditional and reliable approach to differential line protection operating over copper pilot wires. Installation is simplified with no need for auxiliary supply circuits. Intertripping and pilot wire supervision products also available, however for these more complex protection requirements, we recommend the Siemens SIPROTEC 7SD80.

  • Simple, reliable, no auxiliary DC required
  • mA loop current used over single pilot pair, so relatively immune to interference and condition of pilot
  • One plug setting
  • No SCADA interface
More info at REYROLLE's website


RMS Pilot wire supervision relays

Pilot Wire Supervision

(for new Solkor R/Rf installations or retrofit to existing Solkor sites)
Adds pilot wire supervision and inter-trip capability to Solkor R/Rf

Pilot wire supervision relay datasheets


Solkor-N (7SG18) Numerical pilot wire relay for use with copper or fibre pilots:

  • Intertripping and backup overcurrent
  • Pilot wire supervision
  • Ratio correction for mismatched CTs
  • Copper pilot comms using RS-485 (up to 2 km, 1 pair)
  • Copper pilot comms using RS-232 (2 pairs) and external modem - up to 10 km
  • Fibre pilot, multimode up to 15 km, single mode up to 49 km
  • MODBUS or IEC 103 SCADA interface
More info at REYROLLE's website


SIPROTEC 7SD80 Numerical relay for use with copper and/or fibre pilots:

SIPROTEC compact (80 series)
  • Directional overcurrent backup
  • Intertripping
  • Ratio correction for mismatched CTs
  • Copper and/or fibre pilot interfaces (redundant)
  • Compact 1/6, 19" mounting
  • DNP 3.0, MODBUS or IEC 61850 support

More info on SIPROTEC Compact 7SD80


SIPROTEC 7SD610 Full Numerical relay supporting many pilot types:

SIPROTEC 4 family
  • Numerical relay with support for copper, fibre or digital communication networks.
  • Pilot communications is via external converter, meaning that when the communication bearer is upgraded - usually to fibre - there's no need to replace the protection relays
  • Backup overcurrent protection, fully phase selective, inter-trips, auto reclose, breaker fail, and transformer in zone capability
  • DNP 3.0, MODBUS or IEC 61850 support
More info on SIPROTEC 4 series


SIPROTEC 7SD8 SIPROTEC 5 series Full Numerical relay:

  • Multi-terminal line differential protection - up to 6 line ends
  • Backup distance protection option (via 7SL)
  • Dual pilot communication ports for back up and security
  • DNP 3.0,MODBUS or IEC 61850 support
More info on SIPROTEC 5 series 


Transformer Differential Protection


SIPROTEC 4 family

The 7UT Series offers products for two winding to 5 winding transformers.

More info on SIPROTEC 4 series
More info on SIPROTEC 5 series 


BusBar Protection

We recommend the SIPROTEC 5 7SS85 series of centralised bus protection (low impedance). High impedance products are also available.

More information on Siemens range of BusBar protection

In addition to the above, the SIPROTEC 4 7UT series can also be used for simple busbar protection applications, with up to 12 feeders

Generator Protection

SIPROTEC offers protection relays with protection functions specific to the needs of medium and large generators.

More info on Siemens Motor and Generator Protection


Arc Fault Monitoring

Arc fault monitoring offers a method of very rapid clearance of faults within metal clad switchgear and associated cable boxes. Sensors detect the optical signature of the onset of an arc fault and a trip signal can be achieved within 10 ms, considerably faster than traditional IDMT overcurrent relays – especially as the onset of an arc fault can occur at relatively low fault currents. Multiple sensors and zones can be configured to trip feeder, bus coupler or incoming breakers as required.

HV Power offer two solutions:

  • Add on sensor/modules for SIPROTEC 5 protection relays
  • Stand alone arc sensors that can be used with virtually any manufacturers protection relay. These products are ideal for retrofit applications.

More info on the Arc Flash Monitoring


Frequency Protection Relays

The SIPROTEC 7RW80 is the ideal relay for monitoring frequency and initiating load shedding. Operating over the range of 40 to 60 Hz with four independent stages and contacts are provided. Each stage can be set with independent time delay, under-or-over frequency AND/OR rate-of-change-of-frequency (ROCOF) elements. Under-voltage blocking is possible. Relay status contacts are also provided. DNP 3.0 and IEC 61850 protocols are supported.

More information on SIPROTEC Compact 7RW80

The RMS 2H34-S is a simple solution for monitoring frequency and initiating load shedding, operating over the range 40 to 60 Hz. Four independent stages and contacts are provided. Each stage can be set with independent time delay, under-or-over frequency AND/OR rate-of-change-of-frequency (ROCOF) elements. Under-voltage blocking, under and over-voltage alarm and relay status contacts alarms are also provided. Simple programming via front panel or RS-232 interface is possible.

More info on RMS frequency relays


Auxiliary & Tripping Relays

RMS 6RA series

The RMS range of traditional electromechanical relays (tripping, flagging or trip circuit supervision) is available in custom builds, to your specification of number of elements, contact configuration and flag arrangement. Several popular defined configuration of high speed tripping relays are also available:

  • 6RJ11 Low burden, high speed trip relay (5 or 10 contacts)
  • 6RJ13 Low burden, hand-reset trip and lock out relay (5 or 10 contacts)
  • 6RJ14 Low burden, electrical-reset trip and lock out relay (5 or 10 contacts)
  • 6RJ15 Low burden, electrical & hand-reset trip & lock out relay (5 or 10 contacts)
  • 6RJ21 High burden, self-reset trip relay (5, 10 or 20 contacts)
  • 6RJ23 High burden, hand-reset trip & lock out relay (5, 10 or 20 contacts)
  • 6RJ25 High burden, electrical & hand-reset trip relay (5, 10 or 20 contacts)Click here to see details on range of predefined products available

More info on the range of predefined Auxiliary products available.

Siemens Aux relays include

  • 7PA22 Fast-acting Lockout relay
  • 7PA23 Fast-acting lockout relay

More information


Trip Circuit Supervision Relays

Trip Circuit Supervision

RMS low-cost trip circuit supervision relays offer a standard approach for detection of trip coil, trip wiring and trip relay problems. These simple to install products offer alarm relay outputs, thus eliminating the need for custom built solutions where multifunction relay I/O is not available.

More info on the 1X series

Also available are the Siemens 7PA30 Three phase and single phase trip circuit supervision relays. See the SIPROTEC website for further details.


Voltage Selection Relays

RMS 2P48

The 2P48 relay is a Voltage Selection Relay for the automatic changeover between two VT supplies. The relay is designed to automatically change over from the primary supply to the secondary supply if any phase of the primary supply has faulted. Each of the incoming phases for both primary and secondary supplies have LED indicators to indicate healthy supplies. The outgoing phases are also indicated. Monitoring for excessive negative sequence voltage resulting from phase failure, phase unbalance and reversed phase sequence is provided.

Note the 2P48 is designed for three phase supplies and requires a neutral connection. If this is not available then 2P49 version should be used.

More info on the 2P48

Test Blocks & Test Finger

2RMLG Test Block

The range of 2RMLG test blocks, housed within an Epsilon enclosure, offers facilities for monitoring and secondary injection testing of power system protection schemes in conjunction with the MMLB 01 multi-fingered test plug.

More info on 2RMLG test blocks


2RMLB multi-finger test plug

Compatible with REYROLLE and Areva test blocks, the RMS 2RMLB (now 4M220-00 series) Test Plug offers 4 mm finger-safe terminals for normal or shrouded banana plugs.

More info on 2RMLB Test Plug