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HV Power - Services

HV Power - Services was established in 2001 to help customers implement the various technologies the company sells. The detailed knowledge of the products and their application, held by our staff, is a valuable resource to others who are involved in the work to install, test and commission them.

The range of services we offer includes:

HV Power - Services can be the one-stop shop for your total project implementation, or you can select just those services for which help is required. Our team works with you, your consultants and contractors to deliver your project goals.

Please contact Vladimir Brijacek - Services Manager - HV Power for more information on any of these services.


Remote Software Support (TeamViewer)

HV Power use TeamViewer (version 10), to provide enhanced support to our customers. TeamViewer allows computers remotely connected via the Internet to share views of PC screens/desktops. TeamViewer can be used for online meetings, or to provide remote PC support. Find out more about TeamViewer, including how to download a copy.


Situation audit

We can provide experienced consultants to evaluate technical and business issues, so that you can have a firm foundation to build your future business. We will prepare and submit recommendations about appropriate developments for your consideration. We also offer professional expertise to evaluate your current difficulties and can show what practical steps you can take to improve problem areas. By involving HV Power - Services in the early definition of a project means we can present the best technologies and products for your situation.



We can assist you with the development of your design scope, including equipment specifications for new installations and retro-fits. HV Power - Services staff "think outside the square" to provide innovative and intuitive solutions for your network design.

Because we are up-to-date with the latest power industry knowledge, we can help you maximise the available technology, thus saving your organisation time and money.

We can carry out a detailed design of your installation and calculate all necessary relay settings to maximise the efficiency of your network. Engineering staff are also able to carry out a protection review and applicable fault studies for your existing and future systems.


Cabinet manufacture

HV Power - Services works closely with our panel manufacturer to design, manufacture, assemble and wire a range of cabinets, panels, and enclosures. We can supply pre-wired looms or complete panels - whichever you need.


Installation & commissioning assistance

HV Power - Services offers assistance with the installation and commissioning of products bought from us. We use the latest setting software to ensure all your protection and relay settings are managed and loaded correctly. We can also carry out acceptance tests, routine tests or a complete audit of your protection, and produce test reports tailored for your organisation.

We can recommend routine testing intervals and produce comprehensive procedures for your staff and other contractors to use in the ongoing maintenance regime of your network protection equipment.

We offer both on-site and off-site commissioning assistance for your staff and other contractors. Commissioning assistance is tailored to your specific needs. Find out more about the commissioning assistance you can get from HV Power - Services.



Getting the best from your investment in technology does not need to be difficult. We'll work with you to assess the training needs of your staff and then develop appropriate courses. HV Power - Services trainers can work with you individually, or in groups. See some of the training courses offered by HV Power - Services.


User assistance & phone support

After commissioning, HV Power - Services can offer both on-site and off-site assistance to your staff and contractors.

The types of assistance can include:


Maintenance & repairs

In today's high voltage environment, equipment availability and network stability is extremely important. HV Power - Services uses sound planning processes and the latest technology to test and monitor your equipment, thus minimising downtime and inconvenience to your network.

The types of assistance we offer includes:


Equipment hire

We have a variety of equipment for hire, and can also provide skilled operators. View a list of equipment and charges, or contact Vladimir Brijacek, Services Manager - HV Power.